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june 22, 2019 / 6:00pm & 9:00pm / HÔTEL CHÂTEAU LAURIER QUÉBEC

***Spectacle également inclus dans le Forfait Jazz & Chandelles. Plus d’infos: cliquez ici

"For years, the sound of bass is at the heart of my practice. I like to create a musical dialogue with a rhythmic design, my inspiration is fed by circles of life, the creation of innovative sound designs and listening to the work of the greatest instrumentalists.

This is followed by a singular exploration of impressionist musical colors.
I combine bass sounds (Scott Lafaro) and octobasse with "Modular" live and mix them with my double bass. The use of technologies allows a search for ideas as an extension of my instrument, giving birth to compositions and unique arrangements in respect of the acoustic sound. This tool is one of the important avenues of my creative process.

With the bass, I seek the sweetness, the dotted game and the successive finesse of sounds. I like to deconstruct the agreed scaffolding of jazz to erect it again, crossing the boundaries between jazz and contemporary music. I create improbable dialogues of instrumental voices with extended registers.
I constantly seek to deepen and enrich my game and my compositions. I am particularly interested in evoking the soul, the voice that each instrument carries, marked by the seal of its time, its invoice and its design. My work is described as sensitive and daring. "